Cool White Elephant Gifts is the place online to discover the coolest gifts for your next white elephant party. Items on the site are hand-curated to provide the biggest wows when they’re opened. Here on Cool White Elephant Gifts, we forgo quantity in favor of quality–quality white elephant gifts that everyone else will be fighting over.

(Not sure what this is all about? We’ve got you covered.)

White elephant gifts on this site are generally organized in two ways–by group and style.

Identify the group that relates the most to your set of friends, or search for the style that matches the feeling that you would like your gift to convey, for the biggest bang.

For instance, going to a party where a majority of your friends are techy? Try perusing the Geek category. Maybe your friends like backpacking? Check out Adventurers. For those inclined to think more about the feeling of the gift, perhaps you want to elicit feelings of nostalgia in your friends. Check out the retro category for some pretty rad items in this case.

On the homepage, you will also find a search tool. Use both of the previously mentioned attributes in addition to a maximum gift price to find something extra special that will not break the bank.

Prices listed on the site are list prices for each item (or as close an approximation to the price as we can get). Because of this, you may find the fit to actually be cheaper than what is listed. If this does happen, congratulations! We are not responsible for the actual price nor delivering of items. We’re simply here to let you know about the coolest gifts you can bring to your next event.

We are always adding new items so be sure to drop by each time you’re going to have a white elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap. If you also have a gift idea that you would like to let us know about, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.

Here’s to making your next event a little more fun and hearing people say, “That’s a cool white elephant gift!”